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Host a Webcast or Webinar

Webcasting allows your presentation to be viewed on the attendee’s computers over the Internet. Whether your program is delivered to a few people or several hundred, webcasting offers an inexpensive way to send your presentation or training program to a large remote audience.

Each viewer can see and hear the program and ask questions electronically. A video window shows the speaker live.  Our system allows remote sites to see any content through a laptop, video/DVD and even a document camera that allows you to present printed documents or 3D objects in real-time.

Live or On Demand
Webcasting will allow you to hold live webinars where the Online attendees watch your program in real time or view the program On Demand at a later time archived on our servers. This flexibility allows you to present live to an audience while archiving for future viewers.

The On Demand option allows you to continue to generate revenue even after the program and offers a convenient way to deliver the program to an attendee who could not make it in person or Online due to scheduling conflicts.

Flexible Technology
Our solution allows a flexible interface that can display content such as Power Point, video or any other screen/video feed along with live video from the presentation room. The system can also display: content only, video only and even an audio only feed. 

High Quality
Our system can provide a full sized window to your attendees, not the small screen display as in some webcast solutions. This means your Power Point slides or other content comes across to the attendee as if they were viewing the content on your computer. Small text or graphs are easy to see and understand.

We make Webinars easy
e are a professional conference facility offering expert technical assistance and the latest technology.

You worry about your presentation, we’ll take care of the technology
Our onsite expert technical assistance takes away the headaches related to non technical presenters working with technology. All you need to do is arrive with your presentation and we will take care of the rest.

The process is easy, we will need:

  • Date and time
  • Number of meeting participants

Call 248-879-2456 or e-mail for a free demonstration.

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