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Pricing & Details

Conference Rooms

Listed below are the daily conference room rental rates, which normally extend through 5pm only. Typical half day / evening rentals run from (8 am to 12 pm), (1 pm to 5 pm) or (6 pm to 10 pm). All formal setup and rehearsal days must be reserved in advance, and may be subject to a rental charge. Special rates apply for weddings, events held on Sunday, or for functions using the dining room only. Please inquire with our conference staff.

Room Full Day Half Day / Evenings
Auditorium $1,495.00 $895.00
Amphitheater (101 or 102) 895.00 645.00
Classroom 103 $675.00 445.00
Classroom 104 675.00 445.00
Classroom 105 520.00 320.00
Classroom 106 675.00 445.00
Executive Boardroom 107 295.00 195.00
Mezzanine 295.00 195.00

Audio Visual Equipment

Audio Visual equipment is available for use at the daily rates listed below. Additional equipment not listed is also available; please contact our office for a quotation. All rental fees include complete setup, testing prior to your arrival, and technical support should you need it on the day of your function.

* All conference supply purchases are subject to 6% Michigan sales tax.

Video / Computer Projector 195.00
Laptop Computer 45.00+
35mm Slide Projector 45.00
Transparency Overhead Projector 30.00
Audio CD Player 37.00
Audio Cassette Recorder 37.00
DVD Cassette Recorder/Player 75.00
VHS Video Recorder / Player 75.00
A/V Cart, Screen & Power Cord 20.00
Document Camera 55.00
Mediascape System $125.00
Conference Phone 48.00 + Phone Line
Wireless Microphone System 85.00
Dry-Erase Whiteboard N/C
Flipchart Pad, Stand and Markers 28.00
Easels 10.00
Television Monitor 60.00
Satellite Downlink 201.00+
Satellite Uplink Call for quote
Video Conferencing Call for quote
Webcasting / Webinar Call for quote

Conference Supplies & Services

Conference Supplies and Services can also be arranged by contacting our office. Additional items not listed are available upon request

DVD Disks 3.00 ea.
Sharpened Pencils 15 ea.
Ball Point Pens .30 ea
Masking Tape (1″ rolls) 2.50 ea
Nametags (stick on) 10 ea.
Tentcards 30 ea.
A.V. Technicians $40.00 hr.
Secretarial Service 30.00 hr.
Copy Service .12 ea.
Transparency Service 55 ea
Outgoing Fax Service 1.00 ea.
Telephone Line Connection 25.00
Wireless Internet Network Connection N/C
Wired Internet Network Connection N/C


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Eli Broad College of Business

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