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Floor Plan

conference room 106 conference room 105 conference room 107 conference room 104 conference room 103 north patio hallway and main entrance hallway and main entrance mezzanie Lobby Lobby auditorium amphitheater 102 amphitheater 101 dinning rooms


Floor Plan Map

auditoriumThe Auditorium is an ideal atmosphere for large meetings and presentations in the Detroit Area.

dining room The combination of our uniformed wait staff, off-white linens, table skirting and matching place settings will add that extra touch to your dining experience.

Lobby PhotoOur lobby provides an ideal location for conference registration, cocktail receptions, product exhibits and even vehicles can be accommodated in this space.

mezzanineUp the spiral staircase and overlooking the main lobby is the mezzanine area. Traditionally this area is set for small group breakouts of 6 to 10 people each

room 101The amphitheaters offer the perfect setting for training workshops and corporate presentations.

room 102The amphitheaters offer the perfect setting for training workshops and corporate presentations.

room 103 Width: 27 feet, Depth 38’8″, Fits 37 people

room 104 Width: 27 feet, Depth 37 feet fits 37 people

room 105 Width: 23′ 4″, Depth 28′ 8″ Fits 22-40 depending on seating style.

room 106Width: 23′ 4″ Depth 46′ 7″ Fits 42-70 people based on seating style.

room 107The executive boardroom is an ideal place to get away from your office and have that private offsite meeting or small group workshop

hallwayThis public space can be used for registration and display tables. Visitors are greeted by a marquee that directs them to their event.

North PatioThe attractive landscape of the North Patio makes this an ideal spot for receptions or vehicle displays. Tents can be rented to cover this area if desired.

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