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Compare Technologies

The MEC is able to offer a full compliment of technologies to allow you to host Online meetings from our professional conference center. If your organization has shied away from Online meetings or training due to cost or technical limitations our built in technology and expert support will allow you to easily present your Online meeting at an affordable price.

You focus on your presentation and we’ll take care of the technology

Our pricing is competitive, in most cases much less than other locations. The building is outfitted with the latest technology built into the rooms providing seamless integration to share your message. We offer a free high speed connection (1GB) that cannot be matched by hotels or other conference centers.

The table below compares technologies and uses to make planning your meeting easy. We have also included links to more detailed information and video “Information Sessions” to explain and demonstrate the different technologies.

The choice of which technology to use is based largely on: the number of attendees you plan to have, type of interaction that you will need and budget.

Category Webcast/Webinar Video Conference Webmeeting
Summary Webcasting allows your presentation to originate at the MEC and reach a large audience regardless of location as it is broadcast over the Internet. Web access is all the Online participant needs. Video conferencing offers remote locations to interact with each other using special hardware.
A video conference can also be webcast simultaneously.
A Webmeeting is a live meeting or presentation over the Internet that requires greater interaction. This is the type of solution provided by Lync, WebEx, GoTo Meeting and other similar providers.
Audience size Large Small Small to large
Cost Low Mid Mid
Video Image Yes Yes Yes
Audio Yes Yes Yes
Computer Power Point Yes Yes Yes
Examples: Microsoft Media Player Polycom system h113 Lync / Skype
2 way video No Yes Yes
2 way voice No Yes Yes
Live Yes Yes Yes
On Demand Broadcast Yes No Yes
Electronic Communications Yes No Yes
Remote Control of other computer Yes No Yes
Specialized Software No Yes Yes
Delivery method Internet / IP Internet / IP or ISDN Internet /IP


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